Notes on Step Eight and Nine


1.                Read: Big Book (pp 58-60)

2.                Read: Big Book (p 76-84)

3.                Set Eight asks us to: (p 59)

a.     Make a list (an action

b.    Of all persons (everyone – including ourselves)

c.     We have harmed (injured in any way – including ourselves)

d.    Become willing (a process and a commitment)

e.    To make amends (an action)

4.                Your Fourth Step inventory worksheet will provide you with your basic list. Feel free to add to it as this point.

5.                If you are having a problem with willingness, pray for it (p. 76) – this is the often neglected Eight Step prayer.


6.                What is the purpose of these two steps? (p. 77)


7.                Step Nine (p. 59) asks us to:


a.     Make direct amends (honest, straight forward and complete)

b.    (to everyone on your list)

c.     wherever possible (using prudence and sound judgement)

d.    except under those circumstances that would harm:

1.                those on our list

2.                other persons

3.                (ourselves)



8.                Read over- again – the directions on pp. 76-83. Consult frequently with your sponsor or Step advisor, especially before starting out to make your amends. This is not the time or place to ‘go it alone’ and since ‘one size does not fit all’ you may find that what works for another A.A. might not work for you.

9.                Why are we told (p. 83) that the spiritual life is not a theory? What does the Big Book tell us we have to do?

10.           The Big Book is filled with promises and wornings! At this point we are given the famous Twelve Promises (pp. 83-84). Read them over carefully. Some promises you will have already experienced. Others will come to you in the future. Two questions:


a.     why are the Twelve Promises placed at the end of Step Nine?

b.    If we are given the promises (as in fact we are given our sobriety) why does the Big Book here (and elsewhere) stress the fat that we must work for both the promises and our sobriety? Hint – look up the word paradox in the dictionary.

11.           You have now completed Steps Eight and Nine. Go on to Step Ten.


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