Steps Six and Seven


1.                Read: Big Book (pp 58-60)

2.                Read: Big Book (p 76)

3.                Set Six asks us to: (p 59)

a.     (be) entirely ready (a decision)

b.    to have God (not you)

c.     remove all (nothing held back – 100% commitment)

d.    (our) defects of character (the obstacles to sobriety and to our relationship with God, ourselves & others)

4.                Bill (p 76) now asks you a series of questions about willingness. If you can answer ‘yes’ to these questions, you have completed Step Six.

5.                Step Seven directs us to: (p 59)

a.     Humbly (in a manner appropriate to our new relationship with God)

b.    Ask Him (God – ignore the gender reference if that is a problem)

c.     To remove (to take from us)

d.    Our shortcomings (as in Step Six)

6.                Next – there is a prayer (p 76) Compare this Seventh Step prayer with the Third Step prayer (p 63). What do they have in common? What are you asking God to do at this point?

7.                Now – pray the Seventh Step Prayer. You have completed Step Seven.


8.                You may have noticed that Bill’s discussion of and instructions for these two Steps in rather brief. This does not mean that these Steps are not important. In Twelve Steps & Twelve Traditions (pp 63-76) there is in fact an extended consideration of these Steps. What does this tell us?

9.                These two steps are the start of a lifelong process. Do not:

a.     Expect immediate and dramatic results (but be open to this happening!)

b.    Be discouraged if some of your defects of character are slow to leave you. Some of them may be with you for years. Be patient with yourself and with God.

c.     Try to force the process. Let God work in you at His or Her (or Its) speed.

10.           Many A.A.’s carry a printed card with both the Third & Seventh Step prayer on it. You might like to do the same (and refer to it often). Coffee mugs and wall plaques with these prayers serve the same function. They remind us how very,  very important prayer is to our A.A. program of recovery.

11.           Continue on at this point to Step Eight.


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