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My characters for WotC's D&D, by version 3.5 rules.

Tigras <bgsound src="http://www.personal.kent.edu/~dmacgreg/Feel_My_Blade_(CB_3-25-02).mid" loop=infinite>

Tigras Celestinian
Human Male
Soulknife 1

"I would see the sovereignty and glory of my people restored. To this end, you must be slain."
Hit Points12/12
Armor Class16
Base Attack+0
Fortitude Save+2
Reflex Save+5
Will Save+1

Human: Martial Study (Shadow Blade Technique)
1st: Martial Stance (Island of Blades)
Bonus: Shadow Blade
Soulknife 1: Weapon Focus (Mindblade)
Soulknife 1: Wild Talent
Skills (Total=Ranks+Ability+Miscellaneous)
Climb +6=4+3-1
Concentration +6=4+2+0
Hide +6=4+3-1
Jump +6=4+3-1
Listen -5=0-1-4
Move Silently +6=4+3-1
Spot -5=0-1-4
Survival +1=2-1+0
Tumble +6=4+3-1
Flaw: Inattentive
Mind Blade (Short Sword)

30.3 GP, Dagger x8, Studded Leather Armor, Steel Mirror, 100ft Hemp Rope, Grappling Hook x2, Hammer, Parchment x50, Gataanian Royal Signet Ring, Caltrops x10, Flint and Steel x2, Bedroll, Tent, Torch x10, Backpack.

. He is currently 17 years old.

Tigras' singular goal for the time being is to take vengeance upon his uncle and his henchmen, restoring his father's righteous administration, and to free his people from their oppression by the orcs of the Red Mountains. In order to achieve this end, he first sees the need to develop a following willing to aid in this endeavor. His tactical style would be aptly described as guerilla terrorism, though not for lack of personal combat prowess. Tigras' outlook is typically bleak, but he does manage to muster up small bits of hope for his cause on occasion. Ultimately, he believes that he can successfully liberate his people given enough time.


Music is Feel My Blade from Final Fantasy IX by Nobuo Uematsu.