Hello and welcome to the online home of Joshua Echt.

My name is Joshua Echt and I am a third-year journalism student at Kent State University.

I am adopted from the Commonwealth of the Philippines. I am an energetic, hard worker. I have several years' experience working at the Daily Kent Stater, the newspaper. Kent State is one of the better news journalism schools in the U.S., next to Columbia, Northwestern and NYU.

I was adopted from Manila in November 1984. My interests include writing for the Daily Kent Stater, playing Elton John songs on the piano, watching the Cleveland Browns, writing novels, debating politics and researching the war that never was: the 1945-1990 Cold War conflict.

There's more about me than what is featured here. If you need to reach me contact me at jecht@kent.edu.


  Quick facts about me:
  Date of birth: Sat. 5 Nov. 1983
  Place of birth: Manila, Philippines
  Height: 5' 2''
  Weight: 126 lbs
  Favorite color: Blue
  Favorite vehicle: 1987 Corvette
  Favorite team: Cleveland Browns
  Favorite musician: Elton John
  Favorite food: Pasta
  Favorite movie: Top Gun
  Favorite quote: "Never take anything for granted."