Associate Professor of Economics

Kent State University

Jooyoun Park

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      Skill Overshooting in Job Training with the Trade Adjustment Assistance Program (Text) (Online Appendix)

(with Justin Barnette)   Economic Development Quarterly (forthcoming), August 2020

     Domestic Gains from Offshoring?: Evidence from TAA-linked U.S. Microdata      (Text)

(with Jagadeesh Sivadasan and Ryan Monarch)   Journal of International Economics (105), March 2017

    The Cleansing Effect of  Offshore Outsourcing in an Analysis of Employment      (Text)

Eastern Economic Journal 44(2), April 2018

    Increases in Local Unemployment and the Delivery of Trade Adjustment Assistance Services      (Text)

(with Justin Barnette)  Economic Development Quartyerly 31(1), November 2016

    The Impact of Import Competition on Local Business Activity      (Text)

(with C. Lockwood Reynolds and Shawn Rohlin) Regional Science and Urban Economics 48, 2014 

    Does Occupational Training by the Trade Adjustment Assistance Program Really Helps Reemployment?:    Success Measured as Matching      (Text)

Review of International Economics 20(5), 2012                                           

- different version: ETA Occasional Paper 2011-09. the U.S. Department of Labor


Working Papers

    Import Exposure and Skill Content: Plant-level Evidence from the U.S.

                 with Mina Kim, Georg Schaur, Clay McManus    

    Occupation Switching Behavior and the Wage Impact of Trade-Related Displacement

                 with Vasilios Kosteas           

    Occupation Changes for Displaced Manufacturing Workers

with Vasilios Kosteas