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        Here's a paper presented in March, 2000, to the Ohio Academy of Religion, "The Universal Family: More than Metaphor?"

        One of the most important developments needed among world religions today is for members of each religion to help one another to be the best Jews, Christians, Muslims, Hindus, Buddhists, and so on that we can be.  In addition, we can ask, "What is the role of religion in world peace?"

        One place to begin is with the site for the Comparative Religious Thought course. 

        For the philosophy of religious experience, see William James's Varieties of Religious Experience. as found on the psychology of religion site of Michael E. Nielsen, Georgia Southern University.

          The Autobiography of Master Han Shan, followed by a list of  his maxims, offers a fine introduction to Zen Buddhism.       

        Click here for resources on religion and interfaith dialogue

        For Christians