2008   Larry E. Taylor


    This set is from County Mayo, Ireland.
    Chain:  Gents follow ladies around the gent’s position with a forearm-hold;
          ladies also chain to home.
    First side couple is left of the first top couple.
    Swing in elbow ceili hold:   Partners grasp right thumbs at shoulder-height and
          place left hands under the right elbows; maintain near-vertical position
          for right forearms during the swing;  position of feet and swing action are
          the same as those of the waltz, hug, or ceili hold swing -- use the ball of
          the right foot as a pivot point and push around one another with the left foot.
    Bar counts for dance patterns are shown in bold.
    The total bar count for each Figure includes and eight-bar introduction of music.
    Gents dance forward on the left foot and ladies begin forward on the right foot,
          dancing the steps shown below.
    Documentation is based upon a workshop taught by Pat Murphy in Milwaukee,
          Wisconsin USA in August 1997.
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 S E T    F O R M A T I O N   FIGURE 1 -- JIGS (264 BARS)   Dance an ordinary polka step (down-2-3).
Top couples: REPEAT  "MARKER" face-on (crossover, visit)8;
swing in elbow ceili hold (see heading)8;
ladies chain (see heading)8;
face-on, as above8.
Side couples: repeat from  REPEAT  "MARKER"  32.
All couples: chase the ladies (ladies dance clockwise in front of partners around the set and
          gents follow them to home; ladies turn clockwise to face partner8;
swing in elbow ceili hold8;
chase the ladies8;
swing in elbow ceili hold8.
Opposite dancers: REPEAT  "MARKER"REPEAT  "MARKER" first top gent and second top lady swing in the center (in2, swing4, reverse
          to place2)8.
Top couples: face-on, as above8;
ladies chain8;
house each other in waltz hold8;
bundle of fun (little Christmas) ladies place hands on gents’ shoulders;
          gents grasp hands at the ladies' waist6; retire (reverse) to home2.
All couples: repeat from   REPEAT  "MARKER"REPEAT  "MARKER"   with the second top gent/the first top lady, the first side gent/the
          second side lady, then the second side gent/the first side lady leading120.
 S E T    F O R M A T I O N   FIGURE 2 -- POLKAS (136 BARS)   Dance an ordinary polka step (down-2-3).
Top couples: REPEAT  "MARKER" sevens (in waltz hold, with beginning weight on the leading foot, 1-2-3-4-5-6-7)
          to opposite and home gents dance back-to-back first and ladies back-to-
          back secondly8;
house each other in waltz hold8;
ladies chain8;
swing while side couples take waltz hold and dance in-place without turning8;
repeat from   REPEAT  "MARKER"   32.
Side couples: repeat from   REPEAT  "MARKER"   64.
 S E T    F O R M A T I O N   FIGURE 3 -- REELS (104 BARS)   Dance an ordinary reel step (lift-2-3-4).
All couples: REPEAT  "MARKER" take hands in a circle and advance and retire twice and ladies move inside the
          set to the next position on the right on the last two bars8;
swing new partners in elbow ceili hold8;
lead around anticlockwise in open-waltz hold8;
repeat from   REPEAT  "MARKER"   until original partners lead around72.

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