Author Jack Sanders has included Doug's Boat Page in the manuscript of his upcoming book, The Internet Yellow Pages for Family Outdoor Fun
(McGraw-Hill, to be published in 1999)
Note: June 1999--this book is now in print and available!
Tim Lichty is also authoring a book which will include this page. "The Internet Yellow Pages for Boaters," also McGraw-Hill (in their nautical line, International Marine).
It will be released in the spring of 1999.

About Doug


 Doug's Boat Page was created using a variety of tools:

Originally I used an Amiga 4000 and programs such as ImageFX, Art Expression and Deluxe Paint (I still use the Amiga for vector graphics, .eps, G++, Linux (m68) and such).

In time I migrated to a PC and resources such as Photoshop and Symantic Cafe--but using Notepad as my 'editing tool'.

Aug 1998-- I have finally succumed to using a GUI HTML editor (pagemill 3.0), as it is much faster (especially at for creating links). The code can still be 'tweaked' by hand if need be...
  Doug's Boat Page has been a web resource for home boatbuilders since June, 1995.
 This page has undergone two or three design changes, the latest one (Aug, 1998) a complete redesign.

I do other stuff besides kayaking. I'm an avid rock climber (serving as webmaster for the Ohio Climbers Association) and cross-country skier (It used to snow in Ohio a lot).

I'd like to thank my wife, Margaret, and Kent State University for providing web space for this page.

Doug Garmon

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