A Supplement to the AP Catullus:

The pre-2005 AP Catullus syllabus covers the following poems (as numbered in Mynor's Oxford Classical Text): 

I intend to update this site this summer (2004) to include the new 2005 Catullus syllabus.

1 2 3 4 5 7 8 10 11
12 13 14a 22 30 31 35 36 40
43 44 45 46 49 50 51 60 64
65 68 69 70 72 76 77 84 85
86 87 96 101 109 116      

These poems are Shockwave documents. You will need to install the Shockwave plug-in to use them. (If you do not have the plug-in, your browser will let you know.)

My goal in putting this material on the web is to encourage students to read Catullus. I hope that the site will:

  1. help reduce the "chore" part of reading Latin literature, 

  2. provide an way for students to review for the AP exam, and 

  3. encourage more teachers to add Catullus to their curriculum. 

NB: This website has a similar set of Shocked Horace poems.

I included the text of the poems for students to print out and make notes on, do scansion, etc.

I am very much interested in the use of hypertext glossing in foreign language learning, and would love to get feedback from students or teachers using these materials. I am interested in your answers to questions such as: 

  • Are they helpful? 

  • Do you feel you learn the vocabulary as well, or not as well, as when you have to look words up in the dictionary? 

  • Do you find that you re-read the poems more if you have this resource?

I would also just like to hear from people who are using this site!

With a project this large, I expect there will be errors in what I have put up, especially in my glossing of ut, cum, and quam. Please let me know about the errors that you find, so I can correct them. Thank you!

The notes on these copyrighted pages were written by:

These notes are aimed at the high school level reader, hence the emphasis on grammatical information. If you have ideas for additional notes, please send me those suggestions

For more complete notes, consult Daniel Garrison's text The Student's Catullus or Fordyce.

Go to the Shocked Horace poems.

If you would like to build your own shocked texts, I have provided a copy of the reader, plus instructions on how to use it, on this site.

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last updated June 29, 2004
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