Richard S. Meindl

Date revised: 03/04/02

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B.A.  1970  Mathematics Kent State University
M.A. 1973 Anthropology Kent State University
Ph.D. 1979 Biological Anthropology University of Massachusetts at Amherst

Professional Experience
1991-Present Chairperson, Department of Anthropology, KSU
1991-Present Professor of Anthropology, KSU
1990-Present Chairperson, Biological Anthropology Program, School of Biomedical Sciences, KSU
1979-Present Graduate faculty, Department of Anthropology, KSU
1979-Present Graduate faculty, School of Biomedical Sciences, Biological Anthropology Program, KSU

2000-Present Joint Commission on the Evaluation of Teaching at Kent State
2000 Sole Outside Consultant, Search Committee for Faculty Hire, Department of Classics and Anthropology, Akron University
1999 Sole Examiner, Honors Department, Oberlin College
1995 External reviewer for Department of Anthropology, State University of New York, College at Oneonta
1994 External reviewer for Indiana Commission for Higher Education. Department of Anthropology, Ball State University
1991-1993 Liberal Education Requirements Committee, Honors College, KSU
1983-1991 Faculty Advisory Committee, Department of Sociology, and Anthropology representative - KSU
1986-1991 Kirtlandia Society, Cleveland Museum of Natural History, Editorial Board
1983-1989 KSU Press, Editorial Board
1981-Present Undergraduate Advisor, Anthropology, KSU

Publications (last 10 years)

Presentations at Professional Meetings (Past 5 Years): Research Experience:
1975 - 1979 Connecticut Valley Project, Research Associate, NSF (BNS-76-83121), NIH (NICHD 08979-03) A.C. Swedlund, PI.
1979 - 1982 Assessment of Adult Skeletal Age, Research Associate, NSF (BNS-7707958), C.O. Lovejoy, PI.
1988 - 1989 Anthropometric Analysis of USAF Flying Personnel, PI, (System Research Laboratories 2747).

Doctoral Dissertations Directed:
R.G. Tague, 

Biological Anthropology, KSU

"Obstetric Adaptations of the Human Bony Pelvis" 1986
R.A. Walker,

Biological Anthropology, KSU

"Assessment of Cortical Bone Dynamics and Skeletal Age at Death from Femoral Cortical Histomorphology" 1989
K.F. Russell,

Biological Anthropology, KSU

"Determination of Age-at-Death from Human Dental Remains" 1996

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