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Here are some Pictures of my BMW 325 Powered by a Small Block Chevy
Check back often for more Pictures and Updates.

I purchased this car in the winter of 2000. It had a bad transmission. I figured the only way I wanted to own a BMW would be if I could update the drive-train. A small block chevy V8 conversion was performed. I installed a 350 Chevy and a 700R4 Transmission. The car is a blast to drive. The car gets 20+miles to the gallon and produces a little less than 300HP. The engine specs are based on the 300HP GM Vortec Crate motor. Reliability and performance is what I was looking to get out of this drive-train combo.

FORTSON’S Auto Body (330-297-0442) Straightened the car out and laid the Raspberry Poly paint on the car. Base Coat/Clear coat was used. It is a real head turner.




       January 2004 How about an LS1 BMW conversion? Mike Collins has a nice web page detailing his work.


       January 2004 This 83 BMW has a healthy 400hp 355 Small Block installed.

Bill Williamson only needs a radiator and the exhaust finished and he’s on the road.

Picture 1 Picture 2 Picture 3 Picture 4



       March 2003 A 318 to 350 SBC Conversion is being performed by the Albright’s. It will be powered by a 350 and backed by a 4speed. This Link Shows their progress. DEAD LINK. I’ll try to contact the Albright’s I do know they had the car on the street in 2003.


       2002 Check out this 84 318i TURBO install. Many BMW purist links as well.





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