9 second ET’s on pump gas

Here are some Pictures of my 70 Chevelle SS LS5 454 As well as TRACK and TUNING UPDATES


DON’T FORGET TO Check Out the new MICKEY THOMPSON RADIALS...Sticky and stable


NEW SUPERCHARGER Combo Best Pass 10.33 @ 137mph.

Best NA Pass to date 10.74@130

07-01-03 Big Shot Dyno 539HP at the rear wheels


Number 10 Qualifier in Ohio’s Fastest Street Car Race held at Norwalk Raceway Park 2001

My Chevelle came from the factory with the LS-5 454 engine and TH400 automatic transmission. I have owned this car since 1989. It was a stripped out racecar shell when I purchased it. I put the car together the best I could with the money I had at the time. In 1996, I won several races and came in Second Place in points in the Hot Rod Magazine Real Street Class. The car ran high 10’s with a good Factory Oval Port head combo. Hot Rod changes the rules for 97 and allowed the use of many high dollar aftermarket components. I tried to keep up with the class but could not compete with the cubic dollars others were shelling out. I went a little too far with Big parts (heads, carb, cam). The car was not very enjoyable to drive. I have since decided to turn the car back into a fast, street driven enjoyable vehicle.

The Current Motor is a basic 396 (purchased on Ebay..drove to Chicago to pick it up). It has Factory stock heads and an unmassaged Performer intake. Sound pretty boring…Yes but I topped the motor off with an ATI Procharger Supercharger from SDCE. The folks at SDCE added some custom work that makes this setup even better. A spring loaded tensioner replaces the std hold belt tight/tighten nut setup. The new tensioner tightens as belt stretch occurs(quite a bit under boost). With some help from the guys at DCI MOTORSPORTS (330)628-3354 the best ET to Date is 10.33 and best MPH of 137. The combination has plenty left, as I haven’t worked all the bugs out yet. The goal was to run 10’s on pump gas and stock heads. Then I’ll install a set factory oval port heads that have some work done on them including 2.25/1.88 valves. I’ll update the page as I work through the combination.

      TRACK and Maintenance Log



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