Bowl of Fire Live at the Black Cat, Washington DC, 6/26/99

Review by Ryan Sargent, First posted 6/27/99 to The Landing.

The Bowl Of Fire show was, as always, one of the best shows. The first band 
was a jazz band led by a young woman named Katharine (NOT Whalen), They did 
a lot of jazz classics - Girl Form Ipenima, Deed I Do, Fever, etc... At the 
end she had some guy come out and sing "Baby, won't you please come home" 
with her. You might remember the duet Louis Prima and Keely Smith did on 
that song. The next band The Handsome Family were sort of dark folk. Andrew 
and Kevin from BOF came out and played a song with them (Kevin rocked on the 
spoons!). Before BOF came out I got a chance to talk with Kevin O'Donnell 
for a while. (Did you know that Jack Fine had played with Babby Dodds?). BOF 
was introduced by one of Andrew's old violin students from Chicago by 
reading a dark poem. They played a great set, included - "After You've Gone" 
and "El Cuarto De Tula". They mixed in songs from Thrills and the new album. 
Andrew even put in a little bit of a classical concerto during one of his 
solo's. Afterwards I got two posters and a shirt (and stickers). Kevin 
signed my copy of Heretic Blues and the whole band signed one poster and 
just Andrew and Kevin the other. I took 29 relly close pictures you will see 
later a little bit later.

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