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"My Friends Have Passed Out on The Landing"

~Jas. Mathus

Here you can find information on joining this SNZ list, as well as view the archives of the digest-form of The Landing.

To the left is a list of most of the recent digests. It begins with Issue #5, because that is when we became "Officially Official" and started to get more subscribers.

If you've missed an issue or want to see what we "used to be like" then check out the back issues, archived here until Sept. 25 1999 or the complete archives at (linked on left), our gracious list server!

Below is the message recieved by each new member after they subscribe. You can find subscription information within.

Welcome to The Landing Mailing List! This is a Squirrel
Nut Zippers mailing list, availible in digest form. 
That means that instead of getting a whole bunch of 
loose e-mail throughout the day from fellow SNZ fans, 
you can just get this list once a day (but if 
you still want to get emails more often, you 
can opt for the "loose mail" version. This list 
was inspired by the wonderful Listbot 
list that Matt Mitchell hosted through his website 
( It's not in 
competition with that list, but I hope that many of 
the friends I made through there will join me here.

For the most part, I hope that all of our discussion 
on the list will somehow be Zipper related. Since the 
Zippers are influenced by so many different kinds of 
music, and since most of the fans have a wide musical
taste, it shouldn't be hard to come up with some 
content in your messages about the Squirrel Nut Zippers. 

For now, off-topic posts will be accepted, but please 
keep them to a minimum. When the Zippers return from 
their hiatus (somewhere around June of 1999) I will 
begin to crack down on way off-topic posts. A person 
who continually posts  about non-Zipper related 
things will be warned, and if such posting continues, 
will be removed from the list.

An example of an on-topic post:
	Today after school my friends and I went swing 
dancing. it was so much fun!

An example of an off-topic post:
	Today after school my friends and I went to 
the mall. it was so much fun!

BINARY FILES: This server does NOT support binary 
(picture, document, etc.) files and attaching a file 
to your post is prohibited. A binary file can crash 
another list member's computer, contain a virus, or 
simply be annoying to others. Posting of a binary file 
will get you promptly booted from the list.

REPLYING: To reply to a message from the DIGEST form 
of The Landing, you can either 1) compose new mail, 
sending it to, and refer to the 
post which you are replying to 2) hit "reply" and then 
DELETE ALL UNNECESSARY TEXT before typing your reply 
beneath the original post. DO NOT RE-SEND THE WHOLE 
DIGEST. The first and second time you do it will get 
you a warning. The third time you re-send a complete 
digest, you will be removed from the list. 
To reply to mail in the LOOSE MAIL form of The Landing, 
you must make sure that your reply is sent to 
"" and not to the sender if
you want it to appear as part of the list. If you want 
to reply just to the sender, please be sure to correct 
the address.

send mail to-

with the body reading- 

subscribe the-landing your@address
(for loose mail version) 
subscribe the-landing-digest your@address
(for the digest version)		

*note: please do not add your name, any "" marks, or any <> marks. Just type
your email address. 

send mail to-

with the body reading- 

unsubscribe the-landing  (without <> or "" marks)
unsubscribe the-landing-digest  (without <> or "" marks)

to the mailing list, send your mail to-

**Tip: You should make an entry in your email program's 
address book nicknamed "landing" or "SNZ" or something 
with the address  so you don't 
have to re-type it every 

If you have any problems, with posting or subscribing, 
or with other users, please email me at