Bowl of Fire, Live at the Empty Bottle, Chicago 7/24/99

Review by Dawn Carr, First posted 7/26/99 on The Landing

Andrew announces a BOF film, also titled: Oh, the Grandeur. Kevin plays 
harmonica on a cover of Love & Rockets' Bound for Hell and later spits up 
'blood' and falls repeatedly on his face.
Wow indeed. It was an amazing show. Andrew said they like to make it 
special in Chicago and that they did. Many new songs and spirited 
performing. The crowd was enthusiastic, both those who knew BOF and 
those for whom BOF was new. Jaws dropped. I saw it.
[with Red (something) Belgrade and Cash Money] 
Wishing for Contentment 
Candy Shop--original intro [Love this] 
T & Thorazine [aka Etchasketch Drag] 
Indrescreet [sic] 
Bound for Hell [Love & Rockets cover, with Kevin on harmonica] 
50 Pieces 
Cock O' the Walk 
Stack Lee [sic] 
Fatal Flower 
Coney Island Shuffle 
Rabbitt Variations 
FNB [? I don't remember what this was...] 
After You've Gone 
Dear Old Greenland [used in the Oh, the Grandeur film] 
Violets x2 
El Cuarto w/intro 
- -The band was ON and bursting. Kevin's spitting up blood all over 
himself and 
repeatedly falling headlong onto the stage was truly inspiring. A cross 
Buster Keaton and the junkie on the corner. They broke new ground as 
performers and grew as individuals. I did covet the stained and wretched 
t-shirt. Andrew smiled a few times. 

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