Bowl of Fire, Live at the Old Town School of Folk Music, Chicago 9/11/99

Review by Andrea Troolin, First posted 9/15/99 on The Landing

The band played a really great cross section of old and new songs, they opened with one of 
my personal favorites, the Swedish Wedding March (from Thrills), and they ended up playing 
a good deal of music from that album (50 pieces was incredible! as was Minor Stab) in 
addition to lots from Oh! The Grandeur! and a few new ones. Here's a vague set-list, from 
what we can remember: 
1st set: 
Swedish Wedding March 
Candy Shop 
Dora Goes to Town 
50 Pieces 
Wishing for Contentment 
(What's Your) Angle 
Tea and Thorazine 
Minor Stab 
Coney Island Shuffle 

2nd set: 
Cock o' the Walk 
Waiting to Talk 
Head Soak 
Too Long 
Fatal Flower 
Idiot's Genius 
After You've Gone 
Depression Passillo 

Dear Old Greenland 
Bessa Me Mucho (I probably spelled this wrong)
 El Cuarto De Tula 

They had a special guest, Nora from the Chicago band the Blacks, who sang harmonies on 
a few songs during the 2nd set, (Head Soak and a cover of Mississippi Shakes "Too Long" 
were standouts) Now of course I am biased as I know and love the band so they are bound 
to get grand reviews from me, but I must say that with every show they really seem to be 
getting better and better. I think the fall shows will be pretty incredible.
Seeing the band at the Old Town School of Folk Music was great, it is a gorgeous 
sit down venue, and the sound was really amazing - it was nice to hear the subtlety and 
musicality of what they were doing instead of getting doused with beer in some packed 
rock and roll club. Though that is fun too sometimes. Apparently recorded 
the performance for an internet broadcast at a later date, so you will all be able to attend 
vicariously later! We'll keep you posted with that. 

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