Oceanography, Section 2: T,R, FALL 2010

Kent State University Department of Geology

Canadian Coast Guard Cutter Hudson in Baffin Bay, Fall 2008

Instructor: Dr. Joseph D. Ortiz
Email: jortiz@kent.edu
Web: www.personal.kent.edu/~jortiz/

Phone:  330-672-2225
FAX:  330-672-7949

Office and Lab:

    McGilvrey Hall, Room 334/336

Mailbox:  Dept. of Geology Office, 

                McGilvrey Hall, Room 221

Office Hours for Dr. Ortiz
    McGilvrey Hall  Room 334/336


    T: 10:30-11:30 am,

    W: 2:15-3:45 pm;

    R 10:30-11:30 am, or by appointment.

Geology Tutoring Lab
    McGilvrey Hall  Room 303
        (Begins third week of term)
Course Catalog Number: Geology 21080, Section 2
Course Registration Number (CRN): 13708
Lecture:  T, R: 12:30-1:45 pm; McGilvrey Hall Room 302
Text: Oceanography: An Invitation to Marine Science, 6th Edition
by Tom Garrison, see textbook web site for online content 
(A note for students with the 5th edition of Garrison).

Rationale and Objectives: 

The ocean comprises about 70% of the Earth's surface area and plays a critical role in the cycling of energy and matter between the Earth's various physical, chemical and biological systems.  Despite this, many people are unaware of how this vast body of water impacts the world around them. 

This course will emphasize the interdisciplinary nature of oceanography by exposing the student to the basic principals of geological, chemical, physical and biological oceanography.  Relationships among these systems and interrelationships between oceans and human populations will be emphasized.  Students should come away from the course with a greater understanding of how the sea "works" as a system and a more scientific view of the world around them. 

Oceanography is a Kent Core Science Class: 

This course satisfies part of the Kent Core Science requirements. The Kent Core as a whole is intended to broaden intellectual perspectives, foster ethical and humanitarian values, and prepare students for responsible citizenship and productive careers.

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