Saul, Wendy, and Wade Waters are three slightly spoiled and overindulged children. The fact that they are so willing and eager to be spoiled is only made worse by the fact that their parents are insanely wealthy. What that means is that each gets exactly what he or she wants, even though he or she rarely deserves it. Their insanely wealthy parents, however, have done society one small favor; they’ve ensured that each one of their children has an individual educator (like yourself) keep an eye on their children as Mr. and Mrs. Waters are far too busy being insanely wealthy to bother with the matter themselves.

 You are that educator. You are to prevent one of the children from doing something dangerous/foolish/reprehensible by making sure that he or she is informed of the possible effects of getting what he or she wants.

Saul is maddeningly obsessed with ice cubes. His obsession started innocently enough. First he’d demand one ice cube, then a tray full of them. Pretty soon he requested that his parent buy him an extra large freezer so he could make an ice cube at least as large as himself. Saul got the freezer and the ice cube he wanted, but it still wasn’t enough. Now he has demanded that his parents get him an ice cube the size of Delaware. An ice cube this large would be called a glacier. Your job is to explain to Saul what effects a glacier the size of Delaware could have on the environment Saul lives in. 

Wendy is wind-crazy. All she ever does is talk about the wind. It’s a bit annoying. Still, Wendy is very smart. When she was very small she would use hair dryers and fans to create whirlwinds. Now that she’s 10, she wants nothing more than a giant fan that’s strong enough to blow down all the trees in her neighborhood. She thinks that that would be a very good joke. Your job is to explain to Wendy the possible effects that the wind could have on her environment.

Wade loves the water, but it isn’t pools that Wade loves.  Wade loves water that moves, like rivers and shorelines. He even likes rain. Wade’s water fixation hasn’t been a problem until now. All of a sudden, though, Wade has decided that, using an elaborate system of buckets attached to pulleys, he wants to create his own river running down the local mountain. He thinks that nothing would be cooler than to have a Wade River right in his own backyard. Your job is to explain to Wade what the possible impact his river project could have on the environment.