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Basic Editing

The editing process allows you to take the sounds and pictures that you or someone else recorded earlier and rearrange them to help make your message more clear and interesting.

Your readings are two articles from Videomaker Magazine:

What is Editing?
Reprinted from Videomaker Magazine

This column is a brief review of many editing concept.  some of them will already be familiar to you.  Pay special attention to the descriptions of additive editing and sequences.

Tips and Tricks for the Digital Nonlinear Editor
Reprinted from Videomaker Magazine

Videographers who use digital nonlinear editing systems must convert their raw video into computer files through a process known as digitizing.  In our class, you edit video and audio clips that have already been digitized and stored on the course CD.  This article describes the entire nonlinear editing process from the planning stages through the finished product.

If you enjoyed reading these articles, you might like to visit Videomaker Magazine's Web site, where you can read more articles, order merchandise, or subscribe to the magazine.

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