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Learning to "Drive" a
Macintosh Computer

For the rest of the semester, you’ll be learning how to perform computer-based, digital nonlinear video editing in a computer lab (Taylor Hall 131) furnished with Macintosh computers.

Since PCs (IBM-style personal computers) are more numerous than Macs, my guess is that few students in this class are familiar with the Mac OS (operating system). Don’t worry. First of all, Macs and PCs perform the same functions, so their controls aren’t all that different. Second, we’ll take a whole class period to practice with the Macs so that you’ll learn your way around them. (If you already know how to "drive" a Mac, maybe you’ll be able to share your expertise with the person sitting next to you.)

The link below will take you to a lesson in how to operate a Mac. We’ll work through this tutorial in class.

You MUST print out the tutorial and bring it with you to class.
Do NOT plan to print the tutorial in Taylor 131 before or during class

Macintosh Operating System Tutorial

If you want to practice with the Mac OS some more after our class session, you will find Macs available for student use:

  • in the Music and Speech Computer Lab (in the basement; follow the signs)

  • in Taylor Hall 120 (check the posted schedule for open lab hours)

  • other locations around campus.


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