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Summer CONSUMER BEHAVIOR Course Description 

This version of MKTG 35035 "CONSUMER BEHAVIOR" is offered in a "hybrid" format.  The elements of tstationery32.jpghis format are described below:


First, the class content is taught "live" in a classroom, in the usual way on Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday..  teacher31.jpg

Second, an audio version of the lecture is posted to iTunes U (itunes.kent.edu) the same day as the lecture (and often within an hour of the end of class).mp3player.jpg  Students can listen to the lecture on their computer or download it to listen on an iPod or similar device (assumes access to iTunes program on your computer).  A .wma audio file is also available.

Third, an edited video of the class is posted online usually within 24 hours of the class (and often the same day as the class).  This version merges the video of the instructor with the instructor’s computer screen, providing a good simulation of being in the class.


Class lecture notes are available for download prior to the lecture and contain an outline format of the lecture material, to be completed by the students as they listen to (or view) the class.


For this hybrid format to work, the student will need access to a computer with high speed internet access.  One "check" to determine whether this approach will work for you is to view one of the past archives from this class.  Click on View Video for an example.

You should see a "download" screen from the program Camtasia, and then the video archive should load and begin to play on your computer.  There are control in the player that allow you to "pause," "stop," control the video, and you should be able to "click" on the Table of Contents at the left to jump forward or backwards (sometimes you need to wait a bit for the stream to load up before you can use this feature).  If your home computer does not allow you to see this file, it may be possible for you to view it from a library or a campus near you.  If none of those work for you, then you are not a good candidate for the class.


Quizzes  -- To keep you "involved and up to date" there are two online quizzes during the 5 week summer session.  These quizzes are open for several days, are open book, open notes, and you take them from your own computer.

Examinations during the semester

There are three examinations during the semester (including the final exam)..  These are 50 question, multi-choice examinations. Students enrolled in the distance section of the class MUST arrange to take each examination at a procotored computer center.  This can be done at one of the Kent campuses supporting this class, or with PRE-APPROVAL BY ME, at a local community college, local university, public library, or a fee-based testing center such as Sylvan..  In the summer, tests are given on Thursdays and students in the distance section will need to arrange to take the test on  Thursday or Friday. If students are unable to take an examination during one of the scheduled days, they will need to sign up for and take a 10 question essay exam from a proctored computer center.  Web-based student can click on this link for information on who to contact in the Kent system for Proctored Exams.

For the final exam, students enrolled in the distance section will need to arrange to take the 50 question, multiple-choice examination at a proctored computer center.  Unless arrangements are made in advance with the instructor, the final examination needs to be taken on the same day that it is given to the "live" section.

NOTE:  Web-based students have personal responsibity for making arrangments at a proctored testing center.  If you are unable or unwilling to accept this responsibility, 
then you are not a good candidate for the class.


Because the lectures are available as video archives, students are not required to attend the live lectures on the Kent campus, however they are welcome to do so. Likewise, web-based students are welcome to attend the live lectuers.


The class website  

The audio and video page for MKTG 35035 Consumer Behavior  (click here to view or listen to a lecture)

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