Catullus 43

Catullus points out all the physical defects of Mamurra's girlfriend Ameana.

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Salve, nec minimo puella naso
nec bello pede nec nigris ocellis
nec longis digitis nec ore sicco
nec sane nimis elegante lingua,
decoctoris amica Formiani...................5
ten provincia narrat esse bellam?
tecum Lesbia nostra comparatur?
o saeclum insapiens et infacetum!

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Meter: hendecasyllabics.
1ff. several Ablatives of Description, e.g., minimo naso.
5. decoctoris: referring to Mamurra of Formiae, who was actually quite wealthy. Catullus calls him decoctor to emphasize his excessive spending habits.
6. ten = tene (te + -ne)
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