Catullus 107

Catullus had hoped Lesbia would come back to him, but wasn't expecting her to do so. Now that she has he's happier than ever.

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Si quicquam cupido optantique optigit umquam
insperanti, hoc est gratum animo proprie.
quare hoc est gratum, nobis quoque, carius auro,
quod te restituis, Lesbia, mi cupido.
restituis cupido atque insperanti, ipsa refers te...................5
nobis. o lucem candidiore nota!
quis me uno vivit felicior aut magis hac est
optandus vita dicere quis poterit?

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Meter: elegiacs.
1f. cupido, optanti, insperanti: Datives with optigit; sc. viro.
3. nobis: poetic plural; translate as "to me"; 
carius: neuter comparative adjective modifying hoc
auro: Ablative of comparison.
4. mi: mihi.
5. refers: 2nd person singular present.
6. lucem: Accusative of Exclamation.
7. me uno: Ablatives with comparative; sense is "than I who am uniquely so".
7f. Problems in the manuscript. Translate magis...poterit something like "who is able to say that he has more to be hoped for than this life?"
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