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Student’s resources for Pre-algebra and Basic Algebra courses at Stark


This page contains:

·       Come Prepared

·       Requirements and log-in

·       Extra resources

·       What is a reference sheet?

·       Tutoring and CABLE math



Basic Algebra coordinator:

    Dr. Tanya Hrubik-Vulanovic

    309A Main Hall



Come Prepared

Video:  Overview of Basic Algebra Courses.   (5 min)     To exit full-screen mode hit [Esc].

The interface in ALEKS keeps changing but the functionality is the same.

Know the multiplication table, operations with fractions, decimals, and long division.

Here is the worksheet to practice and here are the solutions.                                                     


Course Requirements for Pre-algebra and Basic Algebra I and II click on the link to review)  Attendance and hours in ALEKS software are integral parts of the requirements.


Track your mastery and hours in Progress report

If your initial assessment is below 20% you must catch up right away by putting more hours in the first two weeks.



Total   -  At school


  (at the end of each week)

Minimum   -   Recommended

Week 1

     6    -    3

     20%     -       30%

Week 2

   12    -    6

     40%     -       45%

Week 3

   18    -    9

     50%     -       60%

Week 4

   24    -  12

     60%     -       75%

Week 5

   30    -  15

     70%     -       85%

Week 6

   36   -   18

     75%     -       95%

Week 7

   40   -   20

     80%     -     100%



Open-lab schedule for Fall 2019  (click on the link to review)

Students who take Basic Algebra may walk into any of the open-labs, work in ALEKS, and get help from the instructor. 


Log into ALEKS software through Flashline :

                                                Student -> Resources ->  Academic Resources -> ALEKS     

Pin it to your Dashboard.

You will get the registration code from your instructor.


How to report problems:

·       For login problems or after hour support – call Kent support at 330-672-4357
or submit a support ticket at

·       Flashline password or PC problem while in class - call  330-244-3490
or email to

·       ALEKS support: 714-619-7090


Depending on the problem type prepare:  your Flashline ID, Course ID, the time frame when the problem happened, Room #, lab PC identification (the colored label in front or on the top of the PC).


Extra resources available to students:

1.       In ALEKS software under Resources are attached files as extra resources for Basic Algebra students.  These files contain copyrighted material.   Ensure not to share them even unintentionally.


2.       Kent State University Core Math eBooks  These eBooks have been used in the past for Core Math courses (10021-24).  Core courses were replaced by the current Basic Algebra courses (00020-24) but the content is very similar.  The eBooks can be downloaded and used to review the material.  They are free to KSU students.


3.       ALEKS software includes e-books in Basic Algebra courses.
Hard copies are available for 2-hour checkout in the library at Stark:

·       Pre-Algebra:     ISBN-13: 978-0073406312 ISBN-10: 0073406317   Miller/O'Neill/Hyde: Prealgebra, 1st Ed. (McGraw Hill, Paperback) – ALEKS 3600

·       BA I and BA II:   ISBN-13: 978-0073384481 ISBN-10: 0073384488 Miller/O'Neill/Hyde: Beginning Algebra, 4th Ed. (McGraw Hill, Paperback) – ALEKS 3600

·       BA III:      ISBN-13: 978-0073384498 ISBN-10: 0073384496 Miller/O'Neill/Hyde: Intermediate Algebra, 4th Ed. (McGraw Hill, Paperback) – ALEKS 3600

·       BA IV:     ISBN-13: 978-0077350161 ISBN-10: 0077350162 Barnett/Ziegler/Byleen/Sobecki: College Algebra, 9th Ed. (McGraw Hill)

What is a reference sheet?

Reference sheet contains formulas and definitions that help you summarize what you learned.  It is created by you as you learn.

Here is an example of a reference sheet created by the student who put all formulas and problem types on this sheet and reviewed it before the exam.

Complete and accurate math writing is important so that you can check your work and someone else can read and understand what you mean.  Here is an example of accurate and complete student writing.

Pay close attention to how solutions in ALEKS are presented and how your instructor writes – those are resources for accurate and complete math writing.  You need to mimic that writing.

Academic Success Center offers:

·     Walk-In tutoring around the clock. It is intended for students with all knowledge levels so even if you do not struggle but want to progress faster consider walk-in tutoring. Bring the laptop to work in ALEKS with the tutor. If you do not have your own laptop, you can check out one in the bookstore or in the library.

·     CABLE MATH (scroll down in the link to find it) – free, lecture-based course (you get a book too). This course can be taken instead of MATH 0020 Pre-Algebra or as a refresher for necessary arithmetic skills.  For CABLE MATH schedule and requirements please contact the Director of Academic Services, Lisa Hart, at 330-244-5042   or   e-mail to lhart@kent.edu