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(October 27, 2003)

Hello! Thanks for visiting our "personal" page. Here you'll find continual updates on the life of Christina and Andrew.  This page is mostly for friends and family to keep in touch, but if you're curious. . . read on! 
Christina's Section (E-mail / What's New? / About Christina / 2Top)

It's been a while since we've updated this site.  Life is good and we're still having fun.  I hope that you enjoy our webpage and have fun surfing the net. Please send me an e-mail and let me know what you think!

What's New with Christina?(As of 10/27/03)

Well, Christina is unable to update this as she's busy, busy, busy at work, so I'll do it for her.  She's still working at Nextel in Solon, Ohio and has succeeded in working her way up to a managerial position.  She likes her job very much, but misses her new SON!  That's right, we had a new son this past August.  Cyrus Alexander Shahriari.  We think he's quite cute.  He was almost a month early, but he has caught up to other children in his age bracket (he's such a fast learner).  I doubt we'll be able to update photos here frequently, but hopefully our old wedding photo is now replaced with a new one that includes Cyrus.

About Christina

I was born in Parma, Ohio. My parents are both from Germany. Momsie, Magdalena, is from what used to be Schlesien, which is now in Poland. Most of her siblings, all but one live in Germany. Oma is 65 this year. Opa, Richard, is a Master baker from Germany and immigrated to America to start his own business. He started as a partner in Sowinski Bakery on Sowinski Ave. in Cleveland. About 30 years ago Momsie and Popsie and 4 kids moved to Macedonia and build a home from a 2 car garage with an apartment on top. Check out the Reinecker's Bakery homepage to find out about our breads. Momsie and Popsie met in Cleveland and had 5 kids, pretty busy!! My 3 oldest siblings, Caroline, Rick and Heidi are taking over the business because my parents are retired. Caroline is married to Chip Davis a Lieutenant on the Macedonia Fire Department. They have 2 children, my pride and joy. I spoil them only a little bit!!! Rick is single, loves to ride Harleys and Downhill ski race. Heidi went to college for Pastry Arts and Hotel Management. She likes to do ceramics and downhill ski race. My sister Monika lives in Germany, she currently works for a shipping company in Bremen, but starts a new job in July and loves living in Germany. Last but not least is me, yes I'm the baby, well I was before my niece and nephew were born. My hobbies are downhill ski racing, snow boarding, singing, playing the trombone and euphonium, doing ceramics and other crafts and quilting. I'm truly enjoying married life. After a year in Thailand Andrew and I are settled in our apartment, for now!  Thanks for stopping by and hope you visit us again soon! 

Andrew's Section (E-mail / Homepage / What's New? / About Andrew / 2Top )
Helloooo! This page (and my others) are pretty basic.  I found that a lot of graphics does not download quickly overseas, so I'll try to stick to text.  Some of the pages that follow, however, will include photographs from our adventures, so expect a bit of a wait.

What's New with Andrew? (As of 10/27/03)
All is well.  My primary job is "Dad" right now, but I'm also continuing to teach part-time at Kent State University.  I have a few outside projects in the works and am anticipating some book publications in the next year or so.  The highlight of the year was obviously the birth of our son, Cyrus, but we also managed to travel to Scotland while Christina was six months pregnant.  That was an adventure.  Someday I'll get a few photos up, but the best part for me was visiting St. Andrews, the birthplace of golf.  After that trip, my golf game improved greatly!  I'm breaking 90 about every other round.  St. Andrews vibes, I guess.  Hopefully next year I'll be shooting in the low 80s or I might have to make another trip to Scotland.  I'll let you know how it goes!  Until then . . .

About Andrew
    I was born in Ft. Wayne, Indiana, but spent most of my life growing up in Newton, Iowa. (No, this is not going to be an auto-biography.) I basically have two passions (besides my wife), music and food. I've played the piano since I was seven, guitar since college, and a dozen "ethno" instruments since I started graduate school in 1992. My mother is the best chef in the world, but I think my wife is a close second. I love practically any kind of cuisine, especially Asian -- Indian, Thai, and Persian being my favorites. I love to play golf and also enjoy racquetball and throwing the frisbee around.  My wife is trying to convince me to start Downhill Ski Racing, but so far I'm content with just the enjoyment factor.  Snow boarding, though it is way too painful for my rickety old body, is something I intend to conquer by the time I'm forty.  So far, I stink and have the bruises to prove it.
    I have one sister, Daria, who currently lives in Chicago.  My folks, Rex and Sharilyn, live in Newton, Iowa where Maytag washers are made!  We really enjoy visiting them, but between our travels and theirs we don't see each enough.  I feel fortunate to have friends and family all over the world. I love to travel around and visit them. I'm also very excited that my wife has family in Germany, so I hope to visit Europe often. I've been to 45 of the 50 states and several other countries, including Mexico, Thailand, and China, as well as a month stint backpacking around Europe as an undergrad and more extended stays in France and Germany.  Our most recent trip was to Scotland.  Christina and I hope to add New Zealand, Australia, India, Iran, Nepal, Uganda, Peru, and half a dozen other countries to the list in our lifetime.

For more information on my professional background, please take a look at my CV.

Friends and Family (As of 1/19/00)

This section is primarily a way for friends and family to let you know what they've been doing recently.  Since everyone is so busy, I won't be able to keep current updates going, but thought I'd include a few links so they can tell you themselves.  If you have a website (and are a friend or family member), please let me know so I can add your link to the list.  Right now, it's pretty meager, but I'm sure more of you will keep me updated and want to let others now about your website.
Here's what I have so far:

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Photos from our Adventures (Updated 5/27/01)
We haven't been on any big adventures of late.  We're planning a trip to Iowa this summer to visit the folks.  We've been thinking about returning to Thailand for an extended say and more "research" for me.  Of course, we're also thinking about China, Korea, maybe even Peru!  We'll see.  In the meantime, I've left a few photos from our last trip to Thailand to inspire you to take a trip yourself.  Enjoy! Back 2Top

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