Argentina 2005

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Patagonia 2005

Where: Santa Rosa, Monte Leon, Puerto Santa Cruz, Cabo Curioso

What: Collecting fossil invertebrates

Who: Dr. Feldmann, Dr. Schweitzer, Rob Crawford

Hosts: Drs. Silvio Casadío, Miguel Griffin, and Ana Parras, Universidad de La Pampa, and María Griffin and Martín

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Photos by R. Feldmann


Puerto Santa Cruz, where the Beagle docked and Charles Darwin spent time collecting samples.

Miocene paleosurface with transect to be mapped in the Monte Leon Formation.  Paleocrew: Martín, Rob, Miguel, and María.

Half-meter quadrats used to map paleosurface.

Chaceon sp. in living position on another paleosurface.

Monte Leon Formation exposed on sea cliffs.

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