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Giant sponge reef in Romania.  Photo by R. Feldmann.

SERC 2006

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Florida 2005

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Spring Break 2005 Florida Trip

Where: Tallahassee and Gainesville

What: Collecting live invertebrates and fossil invertebrates

Who: Dr. Feldmann, Dr. Schweitzer, David Waugh, Aubrey Shirk, Rob Crawford, and Joel Allen

Hosts: Dr. Trisha Spears, Florida State University, and Roger Portell, Florida Museum of Natural History, University of Florida


Dr. Feldmann and Dr. Schweitzer with Dr. Trish Spears (left) at the oyster bar.  Dr. Spears showed us where to collect callianassids and various kinds of crabs on the coast south of Tallahassee.  Photo by D. Waugh.

Dr. F, Rob, and Aubrey collecting mole crabs at Alligator Point, Florida.  Photo by D. Waugh

Joel uses the Yabby pump to extract callianassids (ghost shrimp) from their burrows at Alligator Point. Notice his excellent technique.  Photo by D. Waugh.

Dr. Trisha Spears, bottling callianassids in alcohol.  Photo by D. Waugh.

Xanthoid crab collected from the oyster bar, held by Dr. Spears.  Photo by D. Waugh.

David collecting at the oyster bar, with the Yabby pump and sieve.  Photo by R. Feldmann.

Yummy raw oysters!  Photo by D. Waugh.

The crew examines some crabs in the sieve at the oyster bar.  Photo by D. Waugh.

Dr. F, Joel, and Dr. S.  Photo by D. Waugh.

A lounging manatee at Manatee Springs, Florida.

Aubrey attempts to de-muddify herself in the Ocala Limestone Quarry near Gainesville.  Photo by D. Waugh.

Even horseshoe crabs mate!  Near St. Josephs State Park.  Photo by D. Waugh.

Ben driving the boat with Dr. S, Rob, and Joel, about to dredge up some live invertebrates off Cedar Key in the Gulf of Mexico.  Photo by D. Waugh.

Dredged invertebrates from the seafloor.  Photo By D. Waugh.

Roger and Rod examine mud dredged up from the bottom, which contained sea lancelets and brachiopods.  Photo by D. Waugh.

Dr. S and Dr. F examining the Calloosahatchee beds in a quarry outside Sarasota.  Photo by D. Waugh.

The Paleo Crew: David, Roger Portell, Rob, Aubrey, Joel, Dr. S, Dr. F.  Photo by Jim.

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