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Croatia 2003 and 2004

Where: Istria and Hvar Island

What: Collecting fossil invertebrates

Who: Dr. Feldmann, Dr. Schweitzer, Aubrey Shirk

Hosts: Dr. Vlasta Ćosović, University of Zagreb

Photos by R. Feldmann

Dr. S and Vlasta in Hum, Istria, purported to be the smallest town in the world.

Zagreb, the capital of Croatia, is a beautiful, modern city.  Note funicular in the background, leading to the old city.

Varazdin is a beautiful town northeast of Zagreb and houses a fantastic Insect Museum.

The Plitvice Lakes are a national park and one of the most beautiful locations in Croatia.

Roman ruins still exist in Pula, Istria.

Croatia is basically the type section for karst topography and weathering.

The fossil crab locality on Hvar island was in a fantastic place: on the beach!

These piles of rocks have been accumulated over the centuries on Hvar Island in an attempt to clear the land for planting crops.

Hvar City has beautiful Venetian architecture.

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