New Zealand 2004-05

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New Zealand 2004-2005

Where: Christchurch and Waitaki Valley, South Island, New Zealand

What: Collecting fossil crabs

Who: Dr. Feldmann, Dr. Schweitzer, and Brian Kelley

Hosts: Don McLaughlin, Christchurch, and Dr. Phil Maxwell, Waimate, both of South Island, New Zealand

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Photos by R. Feldmann and B. Kelley

Dr. S and Brian examine fossil crabs in concretions collected by Don.  He has the eye for them!

Cross section of a Tumidocarcinus in a concretion.  They can be very difficult to see!

Don McLaughlin and Rod Feldmann

Beautiful Miocene locality for fossil crabs in concretions north of Christchurch.

Dr. S and Brian collecting Eocene Tumidocarcinus in a creek in the Waitaki Valley.

Pliocene crab locality for Brian's senior Honor's Thesis in the Waitaki Valley.  Dr. Maxwell, John Maxwell and Brian, and Dr. S scope it out.

Traveling in New Zealand is always beautiful.  Lupines in a pass in the Southern Alps.

U-shaped valley in Milford Sound, Fjord Land.

Franz Josef Glacier

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