Romania 2005

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Romania 2005

Where: Dobrogea, Bucegi Mountains near Sinaia and Braşov

What: Collecting fossil invertebrates

Who: Dr. Feldmann, Dr. Schweitzer, Aubrey Shirk

Hosts: Dr. Iuliana Lazăr, University of Bucharest

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Photos by R. Feldmann


Dr. Iulia Lazăr, our colleague at the University of Bucharest, collecting molluscs and brachiopods in Jurassic rocks of Dobrogea.

Jurassic sponge bioherm with unusual cylindrical shape, Dobrogea, Romania.

2005 Field Crew

Left to Right: R. Feldmann, C. Schweitzer, Aubrey Shirk, Ovidiu Franţescu (student at University of Bucharest), Iulia Lazăr, Dr. Marius Stoica (University of Bucharest), and Dr. Michael Sandy of the University of Dayton.

Aubrey and Dr. S excavating fossils from Jurassic coral reef facies in Dobrogea.

Sheep and goats are common impediments to the outcrop in rural Romania.

The crew collects in Gura Dobrogei, in eastern Romania.

Purcareni olistolith, site of Aubrey's thesis material and numerous Jurassic crabs, near Braşov and the Bucegi Mountains.  Note Iulia in the white shirt for scale.

Pelişor Castle in Sinaia, where the king and queen of Romania lived in the early 20th century.

Dr. F and Dr. S in Constanţa on the Black Sea, near the old Casino (in the background).  Photo by M. Sandy.

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