SERC 2006

Smithsonian Environmental Research Center

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SERC 2006 Trip

Where: Smithsonian Environmental Research Center, Maryland

What: Collecting live blue crabs, Callinectes sapidus, for cuticle studies, funded by NSF grant AToL grant

Who: Dr. Feldmann, Dr. Schweitzer, David Waugh, Cristina Robbins, Krystal Henning, Angie Hull

Hosts: Margaret (Midge) Kramer, Head Biological Technician, and Anna Miller, Research Staff


Dr. Feldmann, Krystal, Cristina, Angie, and Anna conducting an annual survey of fish and invertebrates in the Chesapeake Bay.  Blue crabs were collected during this process.  Photo by D. Waugh.

Angie recording species counts and sizes.  Photo by D. Waugh.

Cristina hauling the seine through the Chesapeake Bay.  Photo by D. Waugh.

Krystal and Cristina examine a blue crab (note the tongs used to handle the crab!).  Photo by D. Waugh.

David and Midge gathering in the seine, a very large net to trap fish and other animals.  Photo by R. Feldmann.


Anna and Midge measuring a blue crab.  Photo by D. Waugh.

Everyone helping to gather in the seine net.  Photo by D. Waugh.

Krystal collecting fossils at Calvert Cliffs, Maryland.  Photo by D. Waugh.

L to R (back): Dr. Feldmann, Krystal, Cristina, David

L to R (front): Dr. Schweitzer, Angie

At Calvert Cliffs, Maryland. Photo by D. Waugh

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