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Kent State Geological Society Stark Campus


The Mission of KSGS Stark is to provide students with opportunities to explore geology outside of the classroom.  Our activities include:


Field trips to explore local geology and paleontology


Speakers from area geological firms and universities


Movies and documentaries about geology


An annual community service project


Geology kits for local teachers

Faculty Advisor: Dr. Carrie E. Schweitzer

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2005-2006 Field Trips

Saturday Oct. 8, 2005  Tour of Jackson Bog with Dr. Robert Hamilton

Saturday, March 18, 2006  Cleveland Museum of Natural History

Thursday and Friday April 20-21,Geological Society of America North-Central Meeting, Akron, Ohio

2005-2006 Speakers

Arctic Forams

Brian Meeks, KSU geology undergraduate spent 3 weeks on a Deep Sea Drilling cruise in the Arctic. His talk focuses on his research and experiences on board the research ship.  Tuesday Sept. 20, 4:30 pm

On the Ground in Banda Aceh
2004 Asian Tsunami talk with Dr. Andy Moore, Tuesday Sept. 27, 4:30 pm in 313 Main Hall.  An expert on tsunami sand deposits, Dr. Moore spent several weeks there immediately after the tsunami conducting research.

Romania Rocks!

Rock climbing, geology, and paleontology in Romania with University of Bucharest undergraduate Ovidiu Frantescu. 
Concrete and Geology

Brad Shotwell's career in concrete petrology and evaluation of the strength and other geological aspects of concrete.

Satellites and Oceanography

Dr. Donna Witter of KSU Kent studies the ocean using satellite data.

Field Trips

Each semester, Geology Club sponsors Field Trips.  Most trips are free or very inexpensive.  All trips are open to anyone on campus.

A large group of students visited the Lake Erie coastline to study the effects of coastal erosion in October, 2004.  Geology Club usually takes at least one field trip per semester.  Photo by R. Feldmann.


Speakers have addressed a variety of topics, including geology careers, environmental geology, structural geology, paleontology, and tsunamis.

Usually, two or three speakers visit per semester.

Previous speakers and topics:


Beth Ullom, (KSU alumna), Geophysical Methods in Environmental Geology


Brad Nelson, (KSU alumnus), Drilling Oil Wells


Dr. Andy Moore, KSU, Research on Tsunamis


Dr. Tom Kammer, (KSU alumnus),West Virginia University, Evolution in the Galapagos Islands


Dr. Silvio Casadío, Universidad de La Pampa, Santa Rosa, Argentina, Geology and Paleontology of Argentina


Victor Barbu, University of Bucharest, Romania, Climbing Mt. Ararat, Turkey


Daniel Schweitzer, (KSU alumnus), Careers in Environmental Geology


Dr. Daniel Holm, KSU, How Erosion Builds Mountains


Club equipment.  Photo by Michael Kelly.

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Club Equipment Includes:


Rock Hammers




Hardhats and safety goggles






Brunton compasses


Handheld GPS Units


Field books and manuals


Hand lenses

Students observed differential weathering on headstones at the park.  Photo by S. McCoy.

Cuyahoga Valley National Park

Earth Dynamics Field Trip

Sedimentary Rocks and Environments at the Ledges

Sunday October 17, 1 pm

Happy Days Visitor Center on St. Rt. 303 near Peninsula, Ohio


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Geology Club Supports US Troops in Iraq

Geology Club 2004-2005 Community Service Project

Seventeen large boxes of items were collected and sent to troops stationed in Iraq for the holiday season.  Collection boxes were distributed around campus.  Below is a list of needed items that were collected, as dictated to Dr. Schweitzer by Jason Lambright (KSU Geology B.S. graduate), Josh Esack (KSU geology club alumnus), and Lonnie Mills (KSU Geology major), all of whom have served or are currently in the military.  

bulletBeef Jerky
bulletWhite or black tube socks
bulletMagazines of a broad variety
bulletHand sanitizer
bulletGood toilet paper
bulletPowdered Gatorade or other sweetened drink mix
bulletCotton t-shirts ("Army" brown)
bulletCD's (all popular music types)
bulletOdor eaters
bulletDr. Scholl's-type products
bulletBoxer shorts
bulletSmall stuffed animals
bulletSmall non-flammable Christmas trees
bulletLetters with current events, positive news, etc.
bulletBattery operated fans
bulletPocket-sized games (Battleship, Connect 4, etc.)


Photo by C. Williams, KSU Stark.

Geology Club Stark Campus thanks:

Students, faculty, and staff of KSU Stark Campus

Katie Walsh and Interact Club of Jackson High, Stark County

10th Cavalry 4-H Club and Karen Smith, Portage County

      KSGS Geology Club Kent Campus

Geology Department, Kent State University

Borders Books and Music on The Strip, North Canton


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Geology Kits for Earth Science Educators

Geology Club has constructed kits to be signed out and used by education majors and local school teachers.  These kits contain materials needed to teach earth science in grades 4-9.

Available Kits:




Igneous Rocks


Sedimentary Rocks/Metamorphic Rocks


Fossils (still under construction)

Each kit contains four samples of each included rock or mineral type; glass plates to test hardness; streak plates; copper strips to test hardness; acid bottles; a magnifying glass; a key to the samples; written information on the rocks and minerals; earth science activity sheets; and a CD with Earth Science Powerpoint presentations designed by KSU Stark undergraduate student Allen Hill.

Please contact Dr. Schweitzer if you wish to sign out a kit.

Igneous Rocks Geology Kit.  Photo by Michael Kelly.

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