"I know," said Jim Mathus, "let's break up one of Chapel Hill's hottest rock bands, cut our hair, wear suits, and form a sort of hot jazz/dixieland outfit."

And so the Squirrel Nut Zippers were born. Luckilly for Mathus, the fine people of Chapel Hill quickly got over the loss of Metal Flake Mother and embraced the Zippers, shooting them further into stardom than MFM ever was.

Metal Flake Mother is/was:

Benjamin Ross Clark
Quince Marcum
Jim Mathus
"Hollywood" Randy Ward

They started out on the Moist record label with lots of local success.
With the success of the Squirrel Nut Zippers, the label Hep-Cat re-released Beyond the Java Sea in 1997, with 4 bonus tracks from their 7" called Deem-On.

The other members of Metal Flake Mother went on to be in Family Dollar Pharaohs and Starletta.

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You can buy a MFM 7" here called Deem-On

Visit Wash Jones' General Store to buy Beyond the Java Sea!

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