artist statement


Under the Veil Series

December 2007:

This work is a reaction to a perceived need for protection and self-preservation in contemporary society. The pieces evoke armor and veils, two types of body adornment used to protect as a decorated barrier.  The layers prevent the viewer from seeing inside clearly and create mystery and curiosity. 

            The armor pieces are formed and chased in sterling silver to suggest the idea of preciousness, and to replicate armor in appearance.  The lace, however, instead of flimsy fiber, is enameled copper which becomes a solid armor-like boundary that screens your view.  The veil form is metal, thin and unsupported; it is more fragile than ever.  The lace pattern overlay contrasts with the visceral images of the anatomy underneath.  The conflicting patterns suggest opposition such as: protection vs. revealing, solidity vs. openness, sturdiness vs. delicateness, internal vs. external, and masculine vs. feminine.  This duality represents the work’s conflict between protecting and revealing. 

            The lace’s seductive quality is in stark contrast to the defensive nature of armor.  The hard lace, as if fossilized, presents an enticing pattern and historical reference in conjunction with its feminine nature. The lace’s intricate beauty demands attention, yet through the screen lies something precious and worth closer investigation.  Under the veil is a solid form with detailed representations of human anatomy indicative of the physical and abstract areas they protect.  The viewer tries to see inside but cannot help being distracted by its delicate façade that hovers over the armor. This work reveals the viewer’s hope to uncover the hidden aspects of the piece and expose the vulnerability of the wearer as they carefully attempt to wear the jewelry.