Scientific Methods in Geology (GEOL 4/52035)

An introduction to quantitative methods for earth scientists

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Course Rationale and Objectives: Students graduating from college today face an increasingly technical and computer oriented society that demands a quantitatively skilled work force. This is especially true within the fields of science, technology, engineering and math (STEM). This upper-level course will provide participants with a broad introduction to quantitative and statistical methods commonly used by research scientists. This objective will be accomplished through lectures, selected readings from the primary literature, and computer exercises built around existing climate and environmental data sets. Emphasis will be placed on developing an understanding of the concepts underlying various methods and gaining the insights needed to determine which tests are appropriate for a particular application or data set.

Approach: An important aspect of the course will be the "hands on" exercises working with real world data sets on personal computers using a variety of software applications. Students will be encouraged to use their own data sets or data sets provided by their advisor for the final project. Working with real world data will help to give immediate relevance to the examples presented in class and on laboratory assignments. The internet provides an excellent source of data that will be appealing to students with broad academic interests (see below).

Expected outcome: Participants will gain an appreciation for statistical methods and considerable experience working with computational software as research tools. This will allow them to develop quantitative skills that will be helpful in a wide variety of potential career choices.

Pre-requisites: Basic computer skills, Algebra, and one semester of Calculus and/or Linear Algebra will be helpful. Experience with computational software is helpful by not required. Enrollment will be limited, interested students should contact the instructor for permission.


Texts:     Mathematics, A simple tool for Geologists, 2nd Edition by David Waltham, ISBN 0-632-05345-3.

               Statistics and Data Analysis in Geology, 3rd Edition, John C. Davis, ISBN 0-471-17275-8.


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