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Online Camcorder Manual

This course uses the Panasonic AG-188U camcorder.  You will be required to learn its proper operation and use it to complete various assignments.   The School of Journalism and Mass Communication provides these camcorders for student use.  Students are expected to treat them with care and in a professional manner.  That treatment begins with a complete understanding of how the camcorder and its various controls work.  The following online Web pages will help you learn to use the camera properly.

  1. Camcorder Batteries
  2. How to Use the Videocassettes
  3. The Electronic Viewfinder
  4. Recording (part 1)
  5. Recording (part 2)
  6. Playback in the Camera
  7. Zoom Control
  8. High Speed Shutter
  9. Fade
  10. Backlight
  11. Focus
  12. Index of Controls


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