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PI : Dr. Hanbin Mao

4 Graduate students
2 Post-docs
>25 Alumni

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Excellence in Graduate Research Mentoring Award 2023

March 17, 2023
Congratulations to Professor. Hanbin Mao on being awarded with,

Excellence in Graduate Research Mentoring Award, 2023 !!!

Poly-T Melamine DNA

Published July 13, 2020 !!!
A poly(thymine)-melamine duplex for the assembly of DNA nanomaterials, Nature Materials


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We are always recruiting postdoctoral and student researchers to support research efforts. We are currently seeking postdoctoral scholars to work in the area of mechanoanalytical chemistry. Successful postdoctoral candidates will have a strong background in bioanalytical chemistry/techniques, biophysics, and molecular biology. Graduate and Undergraduate students with any interest in (Analytical) chemistry, sensing/sensors should contact Dr. Mao directly.

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