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The Oberlin City schools’ art program provides the opportunity for students to develop artistic knowledge and skills that enable them to be lifelong learners who can contribute to society visually, verbally, and in writing. Through the study of art, students will develop creative and critical thinking skills that will help them to be effective problem-solvers, both in and outside of school.
Art students will develop abilities in art production and analysis, using art elements, principles, media processes, subject matter and themes. These skills will be used to express their own ideas and to interpret images in our visually-oriented culture.
The art program assists students in developing knowledge of the artistic heritage of their own and other cultures. It encourages them to understand and value both personal identity and the diversity found in our global society through the study of art history, art criticism, and consideration of various aesthetic functions of works of art.
The Ohio 2012 Visual Arts Standards are comprised of three Cognitive and Creative Learning processes that make up the core of the curriculum objectives  These processes are fundamental to arts learning - perceiving/knowing/creating, producing/performing, and responding/ reflecting, which serve to organize the grade-level content statements.  In Oberlin, we blend the state and International Baccalaureate (IB) standards in our art programs for a well-rounded visual art experience.

These links will open up the standard guides for:

Ohio 2012 Visual Art Standards
IB Primary Years Program Scope and Sequence
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