Onur's On-Line Texts

These texts are some works of mine that I have written in the past 4 years or so.  They are all works-in-progress, with their most current revision available here.  If you have any comments on any of them, please feel free to contact  me .   I would love any feedback and critiques from those familiar with topic matters or those who have ideas on clarity.  Hope you enjoy!! ( updated 20 January 2002)


(ps: please do forgive the amatuerish nature of many of these--i am a bit young still and have lots to learn)

Disciplines, Rationality, and the "Nate" Case: Rhetoric as Sociology of Knowledge

Introduction to Prof. Richard Rorty's lecture : "Is Science Compatible with Religious Belief" (HSU, 24 Mar. 2000)

Gestell and the Essence of Technology

Private Language and the Question of Truth:  Some Notes on Wittgenstein and Heidegger

The Turks, The Moor, and Othello: Rationality, Representation, and Truth

A Response to Judd Hemann: Wittgenstein's Idea of 'Position'

A Letter to the HSU matrix

Romantic 'Empiricist' Poem

A Short Brief on Heidegger's 'Dasein'

Henry Reed and Existential Temporality: Being-there and Not

Marx and Nietzsche: A Short Note on Left and Right Hegelianism

A Debordian Critique of Commodity Fetishism: Ten Theses

Some More Thoughts on the Movement of Reason Through Geist in Hegel's Phenomenology

Sartre and Mailer: More Bad Jazz Music and Drunken Diatribes

Amid Life's Uncertainties, of Much Ado About Nothing: The Rise and Fall of David Levinsky

Heaney and the "Frontiers of Writing"

Socialization and Individuation in the L2 Classroom: An Extension of Terry Santos's Critique

A Short Comparative Analysis of the Plato's and Aristotle's Conception of Fundamental Ethics

A Brief Comparative Analysis of Kant's and Mill's Ethical Systems

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