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Spring 2002 Schedule:

English 10002: College English II

Sec. 107  (MW: 6:15-7:30pm)

Sec. 109  (MW: 8:00pm-9:15pm)

Classes I Have Taught: (at humboldt state university , arcata ca)

English 10002: College Writing II: MWF 3:20-4:10  F2001 (2 sections)

English 100: First Year Composition  1999, 2000

English 100i : First Year Composition F2000

English 485/685: Rethinking America:  The Work of Richard Rorty (Spring 2000)

Work For Classes:

English 580: Technology in Teaching Composition

Other Professional Interests:

C.V. (updated 3 sept 2001)

professional links for educators, students, and others

Online papers (mine) (updated 20 January 2002)

Other kra-z-nes: adventures in theory-land, systems, porn-o-graphy, and 'kultur'

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