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About myself:
I came to the States as an exchange student to study at Bowling Green State University (BGSU) in 2003. In 2004, I transferred to BGSU, and received my Bachelor's degree in International Studies (Peace Studies and Conflict Solutions concentration) with minor in Political Science in 2006.
I graduated from Kent State University with M.A. in Translation (Japanese concentration) in May 2008. While pursuing my study, I worked for the university as a Graduate Assistant. My responsibility included but not limited to tutoring Japanese language, coordinate Japanese conversational meeting, working as a assistant at a computer lab. I was also appointed as the Webmaster of KentLingua, the graduate student organization in our program.

At school, we learned about

Upon my graduation, I would like to seek my career in localization, legal translation, and diplomatic translation. I am interested in a fulltime position at a localization or translation agency.

I am also offering translation service in various fields as a freelance translator.
I am offering both Japanese-English and English-Japanese translation as well as texts alignments, proofreading, transcription of Japanese texts. For the details, please feel free to have a contact with me.

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