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(This page lists Darwinulidae and Candonidae)
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Fauna Europaea
Species in NANODe are listed in alphabetical order (click on Alphabetical List at left) or as shown here, organized by Family.  The  suprageneric classification scheme used here is that of Meisch, 2000.  

     If you are having difficulty locating a species you have identified from older literature (especially pre-1980's)  please look at the Synonomy Table for newly reclassified species.

    To see a particular species page, select any species below by clicking on its name. 

    On each species page, you will find a distribution map, one or more pictures, and a graph showing the distribution of the species relative to the solute composition and salinity of all the sample sites in the database.  Please click on "How to Use This Database" on the left for further information about species pages.

Order Podocopida Sars, 1866
  Suborder Podocopina Sars, 1866
    Infraorder Darwinulocopina Sohn, 1988
     Superfamily Darwinuloidea Brady & Norman, 1889
          Family Darwinulidae Brady & Norman, 1889

            Genus Darwinula Brady & Robertson 1885
              Darwinula stevensoni (Brady & Robinson), 1890
Order Podocopida Sars, 1866
  Suborder Podocopina Sars, 1866
     Infraorder Cypridocopina Jones, 1901
        Superfamiy Cypridoidea Baird 1845
           Family Candonidae Kaufmann, 1900
             Subfamily Candoninae Kaufmann, 1900

            Genus Candona s. str. Baird, 1845
              Candona acuta Hoff, 1942
              Candona acutula Delorme, 1967
              Candona candida (O.F. Müller, 1776)
              Candona crogmaniana Turner, 1894
              Candona decora Furtos, 1933
              Candona distincta Furtos, 1933
              Candona elliptica Furtos, 1933
              Candona eriensis Furtos, 1933
              Candona inopinata Furtos, 1933
              Candona ohioensis Furtos, 1933
              Candona paraohioensis Staplin, 1963
              Candona patzcuaro Tressler, 1954
              Candona punctata Furtos, 1933
              Candona renoensis Guttentag & Benson, 1962
              Candona sigmoides Sharpe, 1897
              Candona subacuminata Delorme, 1970
              Candona suburbana Hoff, 1942
           Genus Fabaeformiscandona Krystic, 1972
             Fabaeformiscandona acuminata (Fischer, 1851)
             Fabaeformiscandona balatonica (Daday, 1894), Griffiths and Mount, 1993
             Fabaeformiscandona caudata (Kaufmann, 1900)   
             Fabaeformiscandona rawsoni (Tressler, 1957), Griffiths, 1995
             Fabaeformiscandona wegelini, Danielopol, 1980

          Genus Paracandona Hartwig, 1899
             Paracandona euplectella (Robertson, 1889)

          Genus Pseudocandona Kaufmann, 1900
             Pseudocandona albicans (Brady, 1864), Olteanu, 1995
             Pseudocandona antilliana Broodbakker, 1983
             Pseudocandona stagnalis (Sars, 1890), Meisch and Broodbakker, 1993
         Genus Candocyprinotus Delorme, 1970
           Candocyprinotus ovatus Delorme, 1970

        Subfamily Cyclocypridinae Kaufmann, 1900
         Genus Cypria  Zenker, 1854
            Cypria obesa Sharpe, 1897
            Cypria ophtalmica (Jurine), 1820

          Genus Physocypria Vavra, 1897
            Physocypria globula Furtos, 1933
            Physocypria pustulosa Sharpe, 1897

          Genus Cyclocypris Brady & Norman, 1889
            Cyclocypris ampla Furtos, 1933
            Cyclocypris laevis Müller, 1776
            Cyclocypris ovum (Jurine), 1820
            Cyclocypris serena (Koch), 1838