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(This page lists Limnocytheridae and Cytherideidae)
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      Species in NANODe are listed in alphabetical order (click on Alphabetical List at left) or as shown here, organized by Family.  The  suprageneric classification scheme used here is that of Meisch, 2000.  

     If you are having difficulty locating a species you have identified from older literature (especially pre-1980's)  please look at the Synonomy Table for newly reclassified species.

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Infraorder Cytherocopina Grundel, 1967
   Superfamily Cytheroidea Baird, 1850
      Family Limnocytheridae Klie, 1938
        Subfamily Limnocytherinae Klie, 1938

           Genus Limnocythere s.str.Brady, 1867
             Limnocythere bradburyi Forester, 1985
             Limnocythere ceriotuberosa Delorme, 1967
             Limnocythere floridensis Keiser
             Limnocythere friabilis (Benson and MacDonald, 1963), Delorme, 1971
             Limnocythere herricki Staplin, 1963
             Limnocythere inopinata (Baird), 1843
             Limnocythere itasca Cole, 1949
             Limnocythere ornata Furtos, 1933
             Limnocythere paraornata Delorme, 1967
             Limnocythere sappaensis Staplin, 1963
             Limnocythere staplini Guttentag & Benson, 1962
             Limnocythere verrucosa Hoff, 1942

         Subfamily Timiriaseviinae Mandelstam, 1960

           Genus Cytheridella  Daday, 1905
             Cytheridella ilosvayi Daday, 1905

     Family Cytherideidae Sars, 1925

        Genus Cyprideis Jones, 1857
           Cyprideis beaconensis (Leroy), 1943
           Cyprideis salebrosa (van den Bold, 1963)