Research Facilities

Research Facilities

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Facilities include:

bulletWell-equipped preparation laboratories for macro- and micro-paleontological studies
bulletDigital imaging studio and equipment
bulletLeica Z6 Macroscope
bulletLeica DMEP Polarizing Microscope equipped with phase contrast capability
bullet64 megapixel digital imaging device for Leica macro and microscopes
bulletScanning electron microscopes
bulletFully equipped thin section preparation lab
bulletFossil preparation lab with three microjacks
bulletX-ray diffraction facilities
bulletFluorescence microscope
bulletTIC Coulometer
bulletUV/VIS/NIr Spectrophotometer
bulletMicroscopes with digital imaging attachments
bulletComputer laboratories


Ph.D. candidate David Waugh using the SEM laboratory

Leica Z6 Macroscope with 64 megapixel digital imaging device

David Waugh using the macrofossil preparing equipment

Robert Crawford using the light microscope

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