Undergraduate Research
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Undergraduate Research Opportunities

KSU Stark students participate in Undergraduate Research projects in paleontology.  These projects have resulted in peer reviewed scientific publications.  To participate, you must be conscientious and dedicated to the project and have an interest in geological or paleontological issues.  In most projects, students learn to prepare and describe fossils and name new species.  They have also discussed the paleoecology of the fossil animals.

Undergraduate Rob Crawford published articles on fossils of southern Ohio.  Photo by R. Feldmann.

Published projects:


Casadio, S. A. De Angeli, R. M. Feldmann, A. Garassino, J. L. Hetler, A. Parras, and C. E. Schweitzer.  2004.  New decapod crustaceans (Thalassinidea, Brachyura) from the late Oligocene of Patagonia, Argentina.  Annals of Carnegie Museum, 73:25-47.


Pochedley, K., C. E. Schweitzer, and P. R. Scott-Smith. 2005. Paleoecology of fossil decapods from Guam.  The Compass, 78(3): 113-118.


Schweitzer, C. E., M. Iturralde-Vinent, J. L. Hetler, and J. Velez-Juarbe.  2006.  Oligocene and Miocene decapods (Thalassinidea and Brachyura) from the Caribbean. Annals of Carnegie Museum, 75: 111-136.

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