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Infectious Disease Model Featured in Environmental Science Textbook

Textbook coverMy Infectious Disease model is being used for a "Quick Lab" in Houghton Mifflin Harcourt's new Environmental Science textbook.  The Quick Lab is designed to be performed during a single class period or as a part of self-directed study, with the students running the simulation with different settings and answering  several observational questions.  The quick lab appears as part of the Biological Hazards chapter in the textbook.

Macroscopic Mobility

 Social Mobility Modeled using the Continuity Equation

Macroscopic ModelI've posted a couple of videos capturing a simulation of macroscopic social mobility running on FlexPDE simulation software.  The simulation was developed by fellow CCH researchers, Dr. Brian Castellani and Dr. Rajeev Rajaram.  The rules for the vector field are based on the agent rules  from my Summit-Sim NetLogo model.

New NetLogo Model

Infectious Disease Model

A model looking at the progression of a fatal illness communicated via contact, complete with incubation period, variable disease period and terminality, and agents who are immune to the disease.  This model was developed as part of research work for the Center for Complexity in Health.


Center for Complexity in Health

New Research Center Web Site Launched

CCH LogoAs part of the graduate work that I'm doing with Dr. Castellani,  I'm proud to announce the launch of the web site for the Center for Complexity in Health.  Kenny and I both worked with Dr. Castellani to design and build the site.

The Center for Complexity in Health (CCH) promotes the application of complexity science to the study of health and health care through a cross-disciplinary program of teaching, training and research.  The CCH’s application of complexity science includes complex systems thinking, computational modeling, network analysis, data mining, and qualitative and historical approaches to complexity.  The CCH is specifically committed to collaborating with health care centers and practitioners in Ashtabula County, Ohio; and to students and faculty at Kent State University

The Stone Men are Here! 

Please excuse me while I brag a bit. 


I've just published my first book!  The title is The Stone Men.  It's a young adult fantasy written as a classic fairy tale.  You can visit the Red Dragon Publishing site to purchase a copy.

The book includes some fantastic artwork by Christopher Bort.   I've just started working on the sequel.  The working title is "Winds of Evil".  Check out the Red Dragon Blog for some excerpts from both books and some of my other writing.


Playing with Turtles

NetLogo is the Bomb!firefox

 It seems that recently, a lot of my time has been spent playing with turtles.  Little computer generated turtles.  These turtles are actually the programmable agents in NetLogo.  NetLogo is a program developed by some folks at Northwestern University and it is being used for some rather advanced agent-based computational modeling.  Check out my NetLogo Models page to see some of the results of my turtle wrangling.