Zombieland 1.0

A Basic Model

This first model is pretty simple.  Just two breeds of turtles moving randomly.  Zombies move around hoping to land on a human and eat their brains.  Humans randomly move away if there is a zombie in a neighboring patch.

Zombieland 1.2

Unhappy Zombie seeking brains to eat

In this version, the Zombies actively seek Humans that they detect within their vision range.  Conversely, Humans actively run away from Zombies that they detect in their vision range.

Zombieland 1.3

Quick! Let's hide in that dead-end alley!

In this version, I've added the ability for the user to place obstacles in the simulation that the Zombies and Humans must navigate around as they seek and flee each other.

Zombieland 1.4

Billy Bob's got a gun! Humans fight back!

This version gives Humans the chance to find a cache of weapons that will allow them to fight back and kill the Zombies.  There may be some human casualties along the way because bullets don't care who they hit.