Macroscopic Mobility

Social Mobility Modeled using the Continuity Equation

Macroscopic ModelI've posted a couple of videos capturing a simulation of macroscopic social mobility running on FlexPDE simulation software.  The simulation was developed by fellow CCH researchers, Dr. Brian Castellani and Dr. Rajeev Rajaram.  The rules for the vector field are based on the agent rules  from my Summit-Sim NetLogo model.

Disease Progression

Infectious Disease Model

A model looking at the progression of a fatal illness communicated via contact, complete with incubation period, variable disease period and terminality, and agents who are immune to the disease.  This model was developed as part of research work for the Center for Complexity in Health.


Eating brains is FUN!

firefoxThis is my attempt at a zombie apocalypse simulation.  The model has gone through several versions at this point.  Each newer version has added functions and (hopefully) better code.  Click the link above to check out all of my Zombies.



Computational Sociology Research

firefoxThis model explores the relationship between Pareto's 80/20 rule and Schelling's segregation threshold. The model is a 51X51 lattice structure, upon which a randomly distributed set of upwardly-mobile rich, middle-class, and poor agents roam. Three rules govern the behavior of these agents: preference, preference-degree, and movability.