Marilyn A. Norconk, PhD

Fieldwork Photos

Marilyn A. Norconk

Research by graduate students


Langtang National Park, Nepal


Ken Sayers (KSU) Sayers, K. and Norconk, M.A. Himalayan gray langurs at Langtang National Park, Nepal: diet, activity patterns, and resource Abundance. International Journal of Primatology 29(2):509-530. (2008)  (PDF 468KB)

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Sayers, K. et al. 2009. Optimal Foraging on the Roof of the World: Himalayan Langurs and the Classical Prey Model. American Journal of Physical Anthropology. 000:000–000 (PDF 259KB)


Brownsberg Nature Park, Suriname


Avis Anzelc (KSU) Spatial memory and travel routes used by Pithecia pithecia at Brownsberg Nature Park, Suriname. (MA, August 2009) (PDF 1.9MB)


Alison Colavita (KSU) Positional behavior of the golden-handed tamarin (Saguinus midas) at Brownsberg Nature Park, Suriname. (MA, August 2005)


Tremaine Gregory (KSU) Socioecology of the Guianan bearded saki, Chiropotes sagulatus. (PhD 2011) Current position: Post doctoral researcher, Smithsonian Conservation Biology Institute, Washington DC. (PhD dissertation PDF 3.12MB)


Orin Neal (KSU) Responses to the audio broadcasts of predator vocalizations by eight sympatric primates in Suriname, South America. (MA, May 2009; PhD candidate, current) (MA Thesis PDF 3MB)


Nick Robl (KSU) Ontogenetic resource partitioning in white-faced sakis (Pithecia pithecia). (MA, November 2008) (PDF 508KB)


Cynthia Thompson (KSU) Sex, aggression, and affiliation: the social system of white-faced saki monkeys (Pithecia pithecia). (PhD 2011) Current position: Post doctoral researcher, Northern Ohio College of Medicine, Rootstown OH. (See published papers on Brownsberg Nature Park page)


Ari Vreedzaam (KSU) Mercury assessment in black spider monkeys (Ateles paniscus): a baseline study for assessing bioaccumilation of mercury in primates living near gold mining areas (MA candidate, 2007).


Lago Guri, Venezuela


Jason A. Brush (KSU) Forest structure and sleeping site selection by a wild white-faced saki group (Pithecia pithecia). [Abstract]  AMERICAN JOURNAL OF PRIMATOLOGY. 2000. 51(Suppl 1). Pgs: 49 (MA, 2000)


Courtney Buzzell (KSU) Strange and familiar scents: Responses to conspecific scents in captive white-faced sakis (Pithecia pithecia). [Abstract]  AMERICAN JOURNAL OF PRIMATOLOGY. 2002. 57(Suppl 1). Pgs: 71-72 (MA, 2006)


Elena Cunningham (CUNY) The use of memory in Pithecia pithecia’s foraging strategy. (PhD, 2003). [PDF 542 KB]

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Cunningham E., Janson, C. 2007. Integrating information about location and value of resources by white-faced saki monkeys (Pithecia pithecia). [PDF 542KB]


Monika J. Flaschka (KSU) Analysis of dietary mineral and macronutrient levels for white-faced sakis (Pithecia pithecia) and red howler monkeys (Alouatta seniculus) from Guri, Venezuela.  (MA, 2001)


Brian W. Grafton (KSU) Primates and seed shadows: Mapping seed dispersal by red howler monkeys (Alouatta seniculus) using plant DNA fingerprinting. DISSERTATION ABSTRACTS INTERNATIONAL. 2004. A65(5). Pgs: 1848 (PhD, 2004)


Amy Louise Harrison (KSU) Feeding party dynamics of white-faced sakis in Lago Guri, Venezuela. (MA, 1998)


Worder Todd Henline (Eastern Kentucky University) Vocal repertoire of white-faced sakis (Pithecia pithecia). (MS, 2007) (PDF 654KB)


Ingo Homburg (Universität Bielefeld, Germany) Ökologie und sozialverhalten von weißgesicht-sakis. (PhD, 1997)


Pia Parolin (Universität Bielefeld, Germany)  Characterization and classification of the vegetation in an island of Lake Guri, Venezuela. Faculty of Biology, Department of Ecology, University of Bielefeld. (1992)


Angela Peetz (Universität Bielefeld, Germany)  Ecology and social organization of the bearded saki (Chiropotes satanas chiropotes (Primates: Pitheciinae) in Venezuela.  Ecotropical Monographs No 1:1-170. (PhD, 2001)


Erika L. Sherger (KSU) A nutritional analysis of diet in free-ranging pregnant and lactating female red howler monkeys (Alouatta seniculus).  (MA, 2001)


Suzanne E. Walker (CUNY) Positional adaptations and ecology of the Pitheciinae. (PhD, 1993) (PDF 148KB)