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Marilyn A. Norconk

ANTH - 18631 - Issues in Human Evolution Lab


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ABOUT THE COURSE: Issues in Human Evolution (ANTH 18631) meets the State of Ohio’s science lab requirement for all students entering the university after fall, 2006. It may be taken concurrently with Human Evolution (ANTH 18630) or at a later time, but the lecture is a pre- or co-requisite for the lab. Twelve sections of a maximum of 19 students are offered every semester and occasionally during the summer. Classes are taught by MA students in the anthropology department. 


Graduate Assisitant setting up Human Evolution lab project

This 1-credit course meets once a week and is designed to increase student involvement in topics covered in ANTH 18630. Weekly meetings provide in-depth and hands-on experience discussing ideas and solving problems. The lab parallels the lecture course with weekly meetings devoted to natural selection, molecular genetics, human genetics and variation, Mendelian genetics, primate behavior, locomotion, feeding strategies, and conservation, and the fossil evidence for primate and human evolution. A lab manual is required and available for purchase and a reader is assigned to stimulate outside reading and in-class discussion.


Kent State University has an excellent teaching collection of vertebrate, primate, and human skeletal material. Students have the opportunity to examine skeletal material and casts of living and extinct primates, including some of our earliest human ancestors.